Sandtasia Sand Sculpture’s highly unique presence, powerfully magnetic appeal and deeply
captivating qualities have proven effective time after time.
Is unique, fun, exciting and entertaining for the entire family
Gets attention at that special wedding, birthday, private parties and special occasion
Stops foot traffic at your trade show booth, corporate meeting, storefront, stage, showcase or any
other venue!
Our area of service falls under the heading of entertainment because of the limitless ways Sandtasia
Sand Sculpture crosses from entertainment to Marketing and Promotions.

The creative process itself is as fascinating and entertaining as the finished product. Sandtasia Sand
Sculpture's “Demos” are considered a performance art.  These sculptures can be created in a time
frame ranging from five minutes to an entire day, a week, month or more.  Great entertainment to
captivate your audience.

Projects can range from as small as tabletop centerpieces & buffet sculptures to as big as 5, 10 or
even 25-ton creations!    We invite you to contact us with your ideas.  There is no limitation to what can
be done with this unique medium.
Sand Sculpture may be created anywhere, indoors and out.
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Ocean State
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